The big little ship

Emys, oceanic mega-yacht in steel and aluminum, in mediterranean dimensions, a little big ship borned from a dream of passioned ownership, with a common vision of an innovative project with its roots in tradition and its resources in durable and reliable materials

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We always take care of every single detail, let's define designs and furnishing together, according to your needs and wishes

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The Range

From the enthusiastic family, to the adventurous group, a wide range of hulls, starting with 22 meters. The furnitures and equipment is the same for all range, with the difference in power engines and tender solutions

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The newborn vessel built by Emys Yachts Shipyard in cruise at Viareggio, Italy.

Innovation By Tradition

Only who owns an Emys is able to share the emotions of those who built it and most importantly is the only one who has the pleasure to take it out to sea